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Irrigate Insight

The collaboration idea entails for The Polly Foundation & RWICA to work with communities and partners to co-create potential awareness and recommendations from evidence-based research on water quality and agrochemical pollution and as such address the planetary crisis of climate change and pollution. The ultimate goal of the Irrigate Insight project is to promote sustainable agriculture and improve freshwater quality testing around Lake Victoria in East Africa. The team will produce an academic-style position paper proposing a solution, and an advocacy plan on SDG 6.2 indicator water quality and chemical pollution with concrete policy recommendations and multimedia products such as explainer videos, social posts, and public service announcements to publicize their findings. RWICA and The Polly Foundation will publish the position papers and boost the team’s creative content through RWICA, The Polly Foundation and Change Maker Exchange communications networks and digital channels. By implementing collaborative monitoring efforts and field interventions, and developing framework guidelines the project aims to achieve the following timeline.

Download the Timeline Report On The CXC Fund RWICA & Polly Foundation Feb 2024

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